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Belly Fat Exercises

Wondering which belly fat exercises to do in your workout program? Performing the right exercises to lose belly fat in any workout you plan to do will move you one step closer to getting the body that you desire. But, you do need to understand which belly exercises will target your core best and bring you the results that you’re after.

So which are the best belly fat exercises?

Let’s have a look at some of the main ones that you will definitely want to consider.

The Bicycle

The first great move that will help you firm your stomach quickly is the bicycle. The nice thing about the bicycle is not only is going to work the main core muscle, but it’ll also target the obliques as well.

The key when performing the bicycle is to make sure that your legs stay hovered above the floor at all times. Doing this will ensure that you are maintaining a constant state of tension on the abs, which then means greater strength development.

The bicycle is also a perfect movement for those who are looking to enhance their coordination since you will need to have the lower body coordinating with the upper body at the same time.

The Lying Leg Raise

Moving along, the lying leg raise is the next exercise to add into the mix that will help hit the abs quickly. The lying leg raise is one of the best lower belly fat exercises since you’ll be primarily contracting these muscles as you raise the legs upwards.

When performing the lying leg raise as part of your ab workout routine, the main thing to focus on here is making sure that your lower back stays pressed into the floor at all times.

If you ever let it come up off the floor, this is when you will be more likely to experience lower back pain.

Keeping it pressed into the floor at all times ensures that you maintain proper ab control and see greater overall strength development.

The Decline Sit-Up With A Twist

The decline sit-up with a twist is the next of the belly fat exercises that you’ll definitely want to consider. The great thing about this movement is that it will have you working against the forces of gravity, so it can actually provide even greater strengthening benefits overall.

This one is slightly more advanced however, so you should keep in mind that you may need to take some time and build up some core strength before you start performing it.

Once you’re ready however, integrate it into your routine. It has a high payoff of results.  Once you have been doing it for a while and find that you can easily complete it, consider advancing it by holding a plate weight across your chest.

The Plank

Finally, the last of the moves to consider in your program to lose lower belly fat is the plank. The plank is different from the other exercises out there since it is an isometric contraction, so it’ll test your muscular strength as well as your endurance.

To increase the intensity of this movement, you’ll want to place the hands up on an exercise ball, which will cause the abs to contract harder to boost your overall stability.

Make sure when doing the plank that you also never allow the hips to rise up or drop either as this will instantly put your lower back at risk of developing pain.

If you pick up your copy of 101 Belly Fat Tips, you can learn many more abdominal moves that will bring you closer to success.

Which belly fat exercises do you prefer?

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